Who we are
Huckleberry Publishing B.V is a team of dedicated industry veterans who decided to put their publishing knowledge together. Making it possible to assign a team of experts to complement your publishing needs as a developer in the world of mobile games.

We can connect your game with the right players
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Key points for us as a mobile game publisher towards our developers and partners

We help you to improve your game
We offer advice on UX, UI, content and tech. We can also offer financial support to polish your game. Our experts will rate your game together with you to see if it will work in the market. And what can be needed to improve the titel together.

User acquisition
We take on the financial risks and the user acquisition budget.
It's all about having the right strategy. Everything is connected: UA, ASO and product presentation. We make sure that we buy smart and that the UA campaigns grow along with your game.

By working closely with our monetization partners we are able to maximize the value of your game. Understanding who your users are, and what they are looking for. What path do they follow through the game? And when do we offer them what? Analysing questions like these and addressing them together will make sure you get the highest value possible for your users.

Market understandings
Publishing games is all about market understandings, by analysing the market movements through different tools Huckleberry publishing B.V understands these movements. A game can be wonderful in all aspects, but without users it will not pick off. We know how to find these users for you. We can achieve this by doing ASO and more for your title. Furthermore Huckleberry publishing B.V will look together with you for gaps in the market and how to place a product on that spot.

Data analysis
Huckleberry publishing B.V. will not leave your game alone after publishing. Development and publishing are the first parts. Aftercare is next, by analysing the data behind your game we can react on demand. Together with you we will anticipate on metrics of the game. Maximizing it on all fronts.
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